Michael Chèze Productions


Classic technique

A distinguishing feature of the corporate work produced by Michael Chèze Productions is Michael's substantial background in the creative and technical aspects of filmmaking.


Combining disciplines

Unusually, Michael combines his cinematic background with legal and corporate experience. This gives him a professional and sophisticated context within which to translate a client's requirements.


As well as having an Arts degree majoring in English Literature, Michael has an LLB and an MBA. He has corporate experience in international film financing (in Corporate Finance at Investec Bank); in international film marketing and distribution (with a Los Angeles based company, Genesis Releasing); and in establishing production relationships (in the capacity of head of M-Net's International C0-Production division) between M-Net and broadcasters internationally, such as the BBC in the UK and NBC in

America. This gives him the particular advantage of being able to conceptualise and produce corporate work at a specialised level.

Approaching a project

A distinctive quality of the corporate work produced by Michael Chèze Productions is the compelling relationship between visuals, music and voice-over. This is achieved by first story-boarding the visuals, based on the information that is to be conveyed - as opposed to using pre-written voice-over as a starting point for filming. The voice-over is written after the filming has taken place, and is refined to synchronise in an interesting way with the images, adding another dimension to the viewing experience.


Elements that strongly define the work done by Michael Chèze are: a clean, uncluttered aesthetic; and underlying classicism and textural beauty; a command of the rhythms of language; a sense of the personally engaging; and a strong grasp of narrative.